Novak opposes funding for emergency housing for illegal immigrants. Novak fights for lower taxation for senior citizen. Novak fights for more funding in education. Novak fights to suspend the gas tax. Novak believes that the streets need to be properly paved.

About Larry

About Larry

LARRY NOVAK is a community leader

He has been…

  • • Larry Novak was the former Chairperson of Massasoit College
  • • Larry Novak was the former Member of the Brockton School Committee
  • • Larry Novak was the former President of Little Red School House Association
  • • Larry Novak was the former practicing Lawyer
  • • Larry Novak was the former Radio and TV Host


  • • Larry Novak is a Graduate of Cardinal Spellman High School.
  • • Larry Novak has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Bentley College.
  • • Larry Novak has a Master’s in public administration, Ball State University.
  • • Larry Novak has a Juris Doctorate, George Mason University.

Political Objectives

  • • Larry Novak Committee stands for Tax Reduction during this period of inflation.
  • • Larry Novak wants to eliminate the tax on gasoline and all home heating products.
  • • Larry Novak stands to cap seniors’ real estate taxes at 50% when they turn 65 years old.
  • • Larry Novak Committee support GOP reps in Massachusetts State Elections.
Larry’s Sole Mission?

Safeguarding the Public Interest

Larry Novak's Republican Party has consistently emphasized the protection of American citizens across various societal and jurisdictional aspects in its conservative narrative."


Larry Novak fights for the Traditional Values that made America great. The value of family, faith, and country.


Larry Novak fights for lower taxation. He believes that the senior citizens are being shortchanged. He believes that the streets need to be properly paved.


Larry Novak believes in education. According to Novak, quality education must be given to every citizen regardless of class. Novak believed that education leaves to a better future.


Larry Novak believes that all communities should be treated equally in the distribution of tax dollars.