Novak opposes funding for emergency housing for illegal immigrants. Novak fights for lower taxation for senior citizen. Novak fights for more funding in education. Novak fights to suspend the gas tax. Novak believes that the streets need to be properly paved.

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"Larry Novak is best described as tenacious, tough, and shrewd. Anything he does and
addresses - be it in life, law, or politics — he does it to the fullest."

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Larry Novak


Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Masters in Public Administration
Juris Doctor in Law


  • Former Self Employed Attorney Job Creator
  • Larry Novak has been the chairman of Massasoit college, one of the largest employers in Brockton.
  • Larry Novak has been a Radio Talk show host on 1530


  • Former Vice-Chairman & Treasurer of the Massachusetts Republican Party
  • Former Member of Brockton School Committee

Political Issues:

Larry Novak is opposed to allowing State Representative to raise their pay; it should be done by an independent commission.

According to Enterprise newspaper: "But as sickening as the vote itself was, the way the legislators tried to explain their rapacious actions, both just after the vote and now, have been worse. In the days after the vote, which was taken in the dark days of winter, the big four representing the Brockton region had all kinds of baseless answers for padding their pay instead of directing the $18 million toward teachers, schools, or addiction treatment. Cassidy, one of the newest legislators, had the lamest answer. He said the increases didn't affect him. What?!

It’s a sad reflection of the imbalance of power in this state and a reminder of the indifference legislators have for us, and how distant they remain, regardless of how many senior sing-alongs and chicken-dinner fundraisers they attend"

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  • Larry Novak fights for change in Massachusetts.
  • Larry Novak fights for lower taxation for senior citizens.
  • Larry Novak fights for more funding in education.
  • Larry Novak fights to suspend the gas tax.

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